In a marketplace crowded with "vanilla" products and brands, we believe crafting perfectly executed and unique experiences is critical. We live and breath product, sweat every detail and believe in advancing “quality of life” through everything we do.

With over 2 decades of international product design experience, Alchemy Labs combines industrial design, production engineering, and brand strategy expertise with originality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to produce innovative designs that have sold millions. We have a track record creating Intellectual Property for more than half our clients, and enjoyed every minute of it all the way. 

We are a Product Development Company, taking designs from concept into production flawlessly, transforming ideas into reality.

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Wacom Inkling

We worked with Wacom to help innovate at every level for their next generation digital sketching device Inkling. Designed as a truly cohesive experience – While you sketch in your notebook, Inkling records every stroke, transforming your sketches from analogue to digital. Its carrying case is an integrated changer, computer synch and cord management storage system. Plus we invented a time based editing interface that allows you to play with your sketch “after the act.” The result is a seamless product and software experience that gets out of the way of the user, allowing your ideas to flow.

Link Watch the Inkling video here

Perfect. fitness 

Partnering with Founder Alden Mills ( Navy Seal turned entrepreneur ) we helped to design and extend the next generation of exercise equipment he had invented. We set out to capture the dynamic-agility of Mills, in the next generation line translating lean strength and sinew into a design language made up of clean purposeful lines and our signature class "A" surfacing. Several patents later, the result was the award winning Perfect Pushup V2, the Perfect Counter, and our latest work; the Perfect Sit-up. 

Link Watch the Perfect Pushup in action here

Wham-o Snowball Blaster

Completely selling out in its first season, our design for the Snowball Blaster was a category creator. Its hexagonal crystalline design language quickly "snow-balled," defining the new Arctic-Force product line of snowball equipment at Wham-o. Distinct linear structures conveyed directional function and tool-like purpose. The Blaster is a complete system, both creating perfect snow balls and rapidly launching them over a 100 feet, taking snowball fights to a whole new level of fun!

Link Watch the Snowball Blaster commercial here

Link Watch the Snowball Blaster on Letterman!

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We are proud to say we have a wide range of clients, in an ever widening range of industries. We help small companies think BIG, and big ones think small, or rather remember their entrepreneurial roots. No matter what your size or type of business, our agile design process will match your needs.

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